Seismically Rated Suspended Ceilings by Ecoplus Systems: Light in Weight Heavy in Benefits

Occupant safety is assured with tiles weighing only 1.5 to 2.5 kg’s. Cost savings are significant because there is less loading on the structure, reducing bracing costs and speeding up installation.

FasTLock suspended ceiling grid is a council approved and code compliant system offering one piece integrated connection points. This important feature provides a high level of connection strength and shear load capability. Now available with a range of seismic expansion clips, creating a stronger more durable grid system, particularly when subjected to abnormal stress or loading.

Combining FasTLock and Acoustic Plus into your building project will provide a ceiling system light in weight yet heavy in benefits; including class-leading acoustic performance, group 1s fire classification and increased occupant safety. It’s also a better choice environmentally, covering more ceiling space, using less material. For example; one tonne of material used to manufacture Acoustic Plus soft fibre ceiling tiles, converts into 660m2 of ceiling which is up to three times more ceiling than one tonne of wet-felt mineral-fibre tiles.

Ecoplus Systems offers a project-specific engineered ceiling design service, including calculated bracing guides.

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