Ecoplus Acoustic Ceiling Products a Fantastic Fit for Les Mills

To resolve the many challenges of controlling noise and reverberation, Warren and Mahoney Architects specified suspended acoustic ceiling treatments throughout this new Les Mills exercise facility, which opened in Newmarket late last year.

While the original internal concrete and steel structures connect to the building’s industrial past, the addition of a high level of glazing required the installation of an optimal acoustic system. Ecoplus Systems Cloud baffle beams and panels were selected and installed throughout the interior, from the entranceway and stairwells, to the dance and aerobic studios.

For this project, Ecoplus Systems customised some panel sizes to fit specification, and at 75mm thick, they were assessed by Auckland University Acoustic Services to be in the range of NRC 1.00 approximately. By comparison, the standard 50mm thick panels have tested at NRC .95 – meaning they will absorb 95% of the noise and reverberation off the many hard interior surfaces.

The sound absorbing cloud panels and beams have passed their fitness test by offering the following benefits:

  • High acoustic performance rating by the Auckland University Acoustic Services
  • NZBC Group 1-S
  • Frameless and streamlined appearance
  • Cost-effective
  • Suspension or direct fixing options and easy to install or retrofit
  • Multiple shapes and colour options

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