Ecoplus Acoustic Tiles Reduce Noise at Massey Primary

The way teachers and students now engage has changed significantly in the last decade. With more schools moving towards innovative learning environments and away from a traditional cellular classroom, the acoustic performance of larger spaces has become integral to a high quality teaching and learning environment.

Massey Primary in West Auckland is one recent example of many school projects where Ecoplus ceiling and wall products have been specified. While the Acoustic Plus 15mm ceiling tile meets the minimum NRC 0.85 required by the 2016 Ministry of Education guidelines, the noise reduction has been significant.

The teachers have told Ecoplus that the audio visual noise sensors known as ‘yacker trackers’ used to go up to a red warning light. Yacker trackers are mini traffic lights installed around a classroom. As noise levels increase, lights change from green (acceptable), to amber (noise rising) to red (too noisy).

Following the install of the acoustic ceiling panels — the noise lights have now changed from red to green. The colour of noise is showing at an acceptable level and the teaching and learning environment is benefiting as a result.

Acoustic Plus High Performance Ceiling Tiles are Green Star rated and deliver exceptional ISO Class A sound absorption as tested and measured by Auckland University Acoustic Services. Absorbers are classified into five classes rated from A to E according to ISO standard 116 54.

The Ecoplus Acoustic Plus tiles offer the following benefits:

  • High noise absorption
  • NRC 0.85 – 0.90
  • Non-toxic and low VOC
  • Hygienic surface finish
  • Biodet 11/16958
  • Anti-sag enclosed edges

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