Classroom Acoustics

Good acoustics in the classroom is crucial for both the teacher and students. Research conducted overseas and in New Zealand has found that teaching spaces with optimized acoustics translates into a high quality teaching and learning environment.

Background noise and reverberation can create problems for students, especially young children who haven’t fully developed the skills needed to predict from context. The ability to differentiate between what the teacher is saying and competing background noise can cause children to miss words and phrases. Poor Acoustics can reduce the student’s ability to learn and significantly inhibit the effectiveness of the teacher.

Sound absorption:

Background noise and reverberation is controlled by selecting high quality sound absorbing ceiling tiles. Absorbers are classified into 5 classes rated from A to E according to ISO standard 116 54. Class A tiles are rated as extremely absorbing. The majority of the Acoustic Plus category of ceiling tiles are Class A providing NRC 0.85 – 0.95 Noise reduction.


For modern classrooms that allow a variety of teaching styles we recommend ceiling tiles that provide an extremely high level of sound absorption (Class A) such as;

Acoustic Plus High Performance is a Class A, lightweight, glass fibre absorber with a non perforated crisp clean surface finish.
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Acoustic Plus Dual Bloc 60 are a Class A composite thermo acoustic absorber. The combination of sound absorbing glass fibre laminated to a plasterboard attenuator backer provides the dual benefit of extremely high sound absorption and a high level of attenuation for control of both reverberation and transmitted noise from adjacent rooms.
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Acoustic Wallcoverings

Ecoplus Systems are a preferred supplier and installer of Autex and Woven Image decorative and acoustic wall coverings.

Autex Acoustic Wallcoverings

Recent School Installations include;

Westmere Primary, Papanui School, Pinehill School, Warkworth Primary, St Kentigern’s Girls, Waltham Primary, Marina View School

More information: For more information on Ministry of Education guidelines for acoustics in classrooms

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Selection Guide:

The Acoustic Tile Selection Guide is a useful resource for selecting the correct ceiling tile for your project application.
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