How Efficient is the Ceiling Tile you are Specifying?

Is it Green Star-rated? Does it provide energy-saving R2.1 thermal efficiency? Can it achieve NRC.95 sound absorption? Will it offer hygienic surface finishes?

The question “What more could you possibly want from a ceiling tile?” is answered in the form of Acoustic Plus: Thermo Acoustic by Ecoplus Systems.

Acoustic Plus: Thermo Acoustic is a Green Star-rated suspended ceiling tile designed for applications that require a high level of sound absorption, at NRC.95 across the frequency spectrum, with the added benefits of best-in-class thermal efficiency at R2.1 and an easy-to-clean, hygienic surface finish. Recent installations of Acoustic Plus: Thermo Acoustic include South Auckland Police, Glendowie College and Early Learning Centres.

As a member of New Zealand Green Building Council, Ecoplus Systems is committed to providing products that help architects, construction companies and other stakeholders create buildings that efficiently aid the health and wellbeing of occupants while also protecting the surrounding environment.

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