Enhanced Design and Acoustic Performance for Dunedin Mitre 10 Mega Cafe

The Ecoplus Systems range of Sound Absorbing Cloud Panels create a sophisticated contemporary dining environment while effectively controlling background noise and echo at a busy Dunedin cafe.

Cafes and restaurants strive to provide their patrons with stimulating environments. However exciting interiors are often designed using hard surfaces such as concrete, glass and wood – which look great, but can also create too much noise echo resulting in a less than satisfactory experience for the customer. The Ecoplus Systems range of Sound Absorbing Cloud Panels is an ideal material solution.

The solution for noise control at Dunedin’s newly refurbished Mitre 10 Mega Cafe was to float Ecoplus Systems Cloud Panels beneath the plywood ceiling, which created a sophisticated contemporary appearance while effectively controlling the room acoustics. Integrated woven string lighting globes create a stunning effect by telegraphing random lines across the Cloud Panels. Adjustable cables and anchors are supplied with the panels and these were used to suspend each panel on an angle to follow the natural arc of the ceiling above.

The owners of Mitre 10 Mega Cafe, Louise and Alan McHattie, selected Ecoplus Systems Cloud Panels knowing they had been tested and measured for acoustic performance at Auckland University Acoustic Services which offered them peace of mind.

“Satisfied with guaranteed acoustic performance, we were also really attracted to the clean, frameless appearance of the Cloud Panels and the easy installation method using the supplied adjustable fixings,” said Alan.

Ecoplus Systems Acoustic Cloud Panels are available in standard sizes including square, rectangle, circle and triangle and can also be wrapped in selected fabric for decorative affect.

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