Eco Power Box Distributers

Arriving in soon – Power Box Distributers provide safe and temporary power to work sites. Manufactured from high impact polyethylene which is resistant to corrosion and heavy duty use on construction sites. The boxes incorporate RCD electrical safety switches and come with a NZ electrical test tag.

Side A              5P 63A IP67 Plug/ 5P 63A IP67 Socket

Side B              3 x 56SO310/ 3 x 56SO315

Side C              2 x 56SO532/ 2 x 5P 32A IP67 Socket/ 1 x 3P 16A IP67 socket

Side D              3 x 56SO310/ 3 x 56SO315

Dimensions: 550 x 480 x 645mm.


For more information please call: 0800 432 675 or email:

Eco Power Box Distributers